Home Rule Charter


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Wakulla’s Home Rule Charter was voted on by the citizens of the County in 2008.  The Charter spells out the powers, duties, and structures of government. In addition, the Charter can be amended or repealed by the voters of the County.
Most recently, the BOCC established a fifteen member Charter Review Commission to review the County Charter and provide them with recommendations for amendment, revision or repeal, or no amendment, revision or repeal.
This webpage is intended to provide information regarding to the Charter as well as provide information regarding the Charter Review Commission to include their meeting information, minutes from meetings, etc.  
The Charter Review Commission will be conducting public meetings to allow citizens participation.  The public meetings are listed below for anyone interested in attending and providing feedback. 
Click on the links below to view the documents:

Wakulla County Home Rule Charter (Ord. #08-14)

Resolution #14-05 Appointing Members to the Charter Review Commission

Resolution #14-11 Replacing/Appointing Two New Members to the Charter Review Commission

Charter Review Commission Summary of Approved Amended/Revised Articles

Wakulla County Charter Review Commission Referendum Overview

Charter Review Public Meetings:
Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 7:00p.m. at the Wakulla County Public Library